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What makes Grassroots Fabric Pots Different?

Next level quality

Next level quality

We take great pride in sewing strong fabric pots out of well-made materials.  To start with, we buy a military-grade, non-woven BPA-free geotextile fabric from a company in Georgia.  This fabric is UV-resistant and thicker than most imported pots.  Then we purchase our thread from another USA manufacturer – it’s high-tensile, marine bonded thread made to withstand any elements and resist mold/mildew.  Lastly, we bring the materials into our facility in NorCal and super cool people sew them with care.  Our sewers have decades of experience (think like 35 years) and we have extensive quality control to ensure the highest level of quality.  Bam.  100% made in America.

They’re sold directly to you from the manufacturer

No middle man, no markups. That means you get great prices!
(The price of our Classic Pots will blow your socks off.)

You also get consistent products and helpful service from real people.

We love being a part of the growing community and making sure our products meet your needs.

Grassroots Fabric Pots
Proud to be a NorCal family-owned company

About Grassroots Fabric Pots


Safety always

At Grassroots Fabric Pots, we care very much that whatever you grow in our planters is safe for consumption. Our fabric is BPA-free, chemically stable and inert, and it will not leach anything into the soil or environment. Our care instructions are on our FAQ page.





1 gal Transplant-inator 7″x7″ x 6″h $3.85
5 gal Transplant-inator 11″x11″ x 10″h $6.60
15 gal Transplant-inator 16″x16″ x 14″h $9.90




3 Gal Classic 10″d x 8″ $2.50
5 Gal Classic 12″d x 9.5″h $3.30
7 Gal Classic 14″d x 10″h $4.15
10 Gal Classic 16″d x 12″h $4.95
15 Gal Classic 18″d x 14″h $6.05
30 Gal Classic 24″d x 16″h $8.25
45 Gal Classic 27″d x 18″h $10.45
65 Gal Classic 32″d x 18″h $12.95
100 Gal Classic 38″d x 20″h $17.35
150 Gal Classic 45″d x 22″h $22.80
200 Gal Classic 50″d x 24″h $27.50
300 Gal Classic 60″d x 24″h $35.75
400 Gal Classic 70″d x 24″h $44.00
500 Gal Classic 80″d x 24″h $53.90
600 Gal Classic 84″d x 24″h $58.30




30 gal Shorty Soil Saver 30″d x 10″h $8.87
45 gal Shorty Soil Saver 32″d x 14″h $11.23
65 gal Shorty Soil Saver 38″d x 14″h $13.92
100 gal Shorty Soil Saver 45″d x 14″h $18.65
200 gal Shorty Soil Saver 65″d x 14″h $29.56
300 gal Shorty Soil Saver 80″d x 14″h $38.43
400 gal Shorty Soil Saver 87″d x 16″h $47.30


With Basic Fittings

With Trellis Fittings

4’W x 4’L x 1.5’H $49.25 $56.50
4’W x 8’L x 1.5’H $76.25 $92.50
4’W x 16’L x 1.5’H $145.25 $185.50

Are you unfamiliar with the benefits of growing with fabric pots?

We’d love to explain it to you: Why are fabric pots great for my plants?

Don’t just take it from us. Here are some comments from our customers:

  • Red from TGA Genetics Subcool Seeds, IG: @redoftga

    “Nothing but excellent results! I probably won’t use another pot, the durability all the way to how they look is superb. Good, thick fabric, and easy to clean up. 5/5 stars from me.”

  • Jeff, Grants Pass, Oregon

    “After searching for a decent affordable fabric pot I chose Grassroots fabric pots because I was impressed with the price. Once to pots arrived I was more impressed with the product, very durable, nice multi stitch hem at the top to cap it off nicely. Interacted with customer service on a number of occasions and never left disappointed. Grassroots pots are now my go to fabric pots I will be ordering more.”

  • Sara Bornes

    “I have gophers and have not been able to have a garden for the last few years. I’ve tried hay bales (too much work) and was looking to get wood garden planters (too expensive). I saw fabric pots online and ordered three 100 gallon fabric pots. They are perfect for growing vegetables without worrying about gophers. Set up is easy. Just unfold and fill with dirt and plant your seeds or vegetables. I will be ordering more of the 100 gallon pots and some of the smaller sizes also.”

  • Scotty, Terpalicious Extracts & Horticulture

    “Great fabric pots. Discovered your company at HempCon SF and decided to order online for this summer grow. Shipment was ultra fast, packed well, and all labeled. Pots are very sturdy, well made and breathe incredibly well! Easy to plant into, stands upright very well. I would recommend them to someone looking for an awesome pot at a great price. I will be using them again next year.”

  • Anthony Reiss

    “Grass Roots fabric pots are just as good if not better than any other fabric pot I’ve used, but for the, price nothing beats Grass Roots brand pots.”

  • Jacob Carlson

    “Thanks for making a US product that is more affordable and higher quality.”

  • Paul S.

    “I purchased the 1 gallon transplanter and they work EXCELLENTLY!!! Thank you very much. I had purchased some from my local Hydro Shop and they did not have the Velcro like yours does and it makes all the difference in the world. I think theirs only had 1 split and yours has 2 velcro splits; works great. Also I am a very small grower and being able to reuse the pots a few times is helpful in cost savings.”

Who are the people behind these amazing fabric pots and beds?

Grassroots Fabric Pots is part of the family of brands at WTB, Inc. – a small manufacturing company that focuses on innovative, USA-made products. We are a family-owned and operated business located in Sacramento, California. Our work family is quirky and creative, and we value integrity in everything we do.

We like to say that we believe in the American worker around here, and we are passionate about making high quality products. If the quality isn’t up to snuff, we ditch it like yesterday’s oatmeal. (It’s happened before.)

We value listening to our customers.  We take a lot of stock in the feedback we hear from you, and will often make improvements or changes based on our conversations within the community.

So really, we are just like you. We want to see your plants grow well, and your growing enterprises succeed. We love being a part of that by giving you cultivation products that you can count on.

Contact Information

1627 Main Ave Ste 4D
Sacramento, CA 95838

Phone: (916) 822-2177
Email: info@grassrootsfabricpots.com

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