Black Vs. Tan Fabric Choices

What’s the difference between black and tan pots?

Glad you asked!  The essentials are the same between the two colors.  They have the same amount of breath-ability for your root systems and will both help you grow happy plants, no matter what you are growing.  Also, both our black and tan fabrics are made from the same USA manufacturer, so there are no differences in texture, thickness, or quality between the two colors.

When taking a closer look, there are a couple factors that might help you decide between the two.


Difference in temperature

Most growers who have used fabric pots before will tell you that there is a slight temperature difference between black and tan pots when the plants are placed in direct sunlight or greenhouse environments.  If you are in a warm climate and growing outdoors, for instance, you might choose tan pots to shave off a few degrees of heat from your root system.  Cooler climates may choose black pots to keep their plants slightly warmer.

Difference in evaporation

Because black pots can be slightly warmer, they will actually drain and evaporate water faster than tan pots.  This will be most noticeable in outdoor growing, when the plants are exposed to direct sunlight.  Some of our growers have noticed, when growing in black and tan side by side, that they have to water the plants in black pots more frequently than the tan.  So if you want to conserve water, consider tan pots.  If you are happy with a faster wet/dry cycle for plant feedings, consider black.

Difference in UV stamina

The fabric used for fabric planters is a nonwoven polypropylene, and most (including ours) have been treated to withstand UV rays.  However, over time, the fabric will break down, especially in direct sunlight.  Just because of the color, our growers report that the tan fabric lasts a little bit longer than the black.  We expect our pots to last at least 4-5 seasons, but black pots in direct sunlight are probably more likely to last 3-4 seasons.

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