DIY Hydroponics Rig with Fabric Pots

If you are interested in building a small hydroponics rig to grow a couple plants at home, then you’re in the right place! Grassroots Fabric Pots presents this how-to video from a buddy of ours, RJ. This is how RJ would do this at home:

Hydroponics utilizes water as a grow medium without the downfalls of dirt. Up until now, hard plastic net pots were the best tool for the job. Grassroots Fabric Pots are an alternative that has far greater benefits than traditional plastic pots. Some of the problems that arise when using net pots are root circulation and root rot. Grassroots Fabric Pots are aeration containers that allow the roots to grow through the fabric encouraging air pruning and vigorous root growth. More roots often lead to a bigger yield.

Everybody in my office loves hot peppers, so I decided to plant a hot pepper plant in my own hydroponics rig using fabric pots. I went over to my local NorCal Home Depot and purchased all the materials I needed to create the hydroponics rig for around $100.

Here’s what I bought:

  1. Small Plastic Shelf Unit (To use as structure for rig)
  2. A 10 Gallon Tupperware (For our reservoir)
  3. A 18 Gallon Tupperware (To use as grow container)
  4. ½ inch Bulkhead (To attach return pipe to grow container)
  5. 1 inch Plastic Return Pipe (For returning water to reservoir)
  6. 2 Sterlite Baskets (For added height)
  7. A 300 GPH Pond Fountain Pump (To run the rig)
  8. ½ inch Water Line (Main water line)
  9. ¼ inch Drip Lines (Secondary lines)
  10. ½ inch to ¼ inch Drip Line Plugs (To run water from main line to plants)
  11. ½ inch Barbed Tee (For splitting the main line)
  12. A Hot Pepper Plant (We love hot peppers)
  13. Heavy Duty Timer (For… timing)

I also ran out to a hydroponics store and picked up a small bag of hydroton.

You can watch this video where I set up the rig and showed the process for growing hot peppers:

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