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I'm looking for a type of fabric pot I don't see here.

Well, we can make your fabric planter dreams come true! Just head over to our custom request form to tell us about your ideas.  You can request things like handles, strange sizes, alternative raised bed dimensions, or maybe a pot with no bottom!

Can I get a discount if I buy more?

Yes, we offer bulk discounts. If your order is $1000 – $4999, you will get 5% off. If your order is over $5000, you will get 10% off.

Do you ship to Alaska, Hawaii, or Canada?

We do ship to Alaska and Hawaii, you’ll just need to call us to place your order since different shipping conditions apply. We can also ship to Canada, but what you would pay for shipping is often unfortunately high. Feel free to call or email us for a shipping quote. We are unable to ship overseas at this time.

Fabric Pot Information

How long will they last?

Typically, we expect them to last between 3-5 years. It depends on how much direct sunlight they receive, how you store/clean them, and how you grow in them. We recommend washing your fabric pots in between cycles if you use a lot of nutrients and amendments.

What kind of fabric do you use?

Our fabric is a nonwoven geotextile polypropylene made especially for us from a manufacturer in Georgia. It is military grade UV-resistant, chemically stable, and BPA free! It resists breakdown and rot and won’t leach any chemicals into your media. Plus, you can just throw it in the washing machine!

Are the materials used in Grassroots Fabric Pots safe?

Yes! Our material is chemically stable and BPA-free. It’s also UV-resistant for long-lasting performance.

Do fabric pots prevent root binding?

Yes, our aeration container fabric pots help to prevent root circling like you might see in a plastic pot. When the roots grow to the side of the pot, they hit air. That causes the plant to divert the growth to new root fibers instead of the same one, allowing for a more dense and fibrous root ball. Air pruning is a term often used for this effect.

Do Grassroots Fabric Pots prevent pests from entering the root zone?

Yes they definitely might! Our strong non-woven fabric acts as a barrier. No more free access to the root zone.

What are the advantages of Grassroots Fabric Pots over the competition?

We care about giving you the best quality at the best price. We have taken the time to research the materials used by our competition and have chosen to use a far superior fabric that is made specifically for us in the state of Georgia. Then we sew our pots 100% in the USA for lasting quality. We keep our prices low by cutting out the middle man and shipping direct to you from us, the manufacturer.  Also, we sew our bottom seams on the outside to help them last longer.

What are the advantages of Grassroots Fabric Pots over traditional hard plastic containers?

Traditional hard plastic pots easily cause the plant to become root bound, leading to a whole host of problems such as root rot, disease, and pests. Our fabric breathes, and allows the roots to grow outwards in a natural pattern, staving off bad molds and fungi that would take over a root bound plant and possibly cause death. We can get pretty passionate about this. If you have more questions, feel free to contact us.

Is it more difficult to flush a plant in a fabric pot?

No, in fact, it is just the opposite. Our fabric allows for superior drainage, lessening the chance of drowning your sensitive plants and causing more harm than good.

Using Fabric Pots

How do I clean my fabric pots?

When not in use, store your Grassroots Fabric Pots indoors to prevent the elements from weakening the fabric. To wash, hose down the pots to get rid of most of the soil and plant matter. Then machine wash cold with a small amount of bleach. DO NOT DRY. Here is more info on how to wash your fabric pots.

How much mix or medium do I need for my fabric pots?

Great question! We’ve built a chart of cubic feet and cubic yards of volume to help you choose how much soil or medium to purchase for each size of Grassroots Fabric Pots.

What sort of soil should I use with my fabric pots?

As you know, different plant types require a different soil mix. We wrote this to help you choose a soil.

Should I water more frequently using a Grassroots Fabric Pot?

We recommend watering your plant as needed. Since our fabric pots allow for more air circulation, more watering will likely be needed.

Is it safe to use my Grassroots Fabric Pots on my wooden deck?

Yes, but be proactive. The bottom of the fabric pot will put moisture into the wood and cause rot. We suggest using a plastic or ceramic dish underneath to collect runoff water.

Can I move my fabric pot if the sun pattern changes?

Why yes! For any reason you have to move your plant, our pots are lightweight and designed to be free to pick up and move to a new location. We recommend doing so before a watering so the pot is at its lightest.

Is it bad if the roots underneath grow into the ground?

It is personal preference. Our pots are not designed for this, but if it happens and is not a problem for you, it WILL benefit the plant by adding new area for your roots to explore.

Can I use Grassroots Fabric Pots in place of my Net Pots for hydroponic applications?

Yes, our fabric is a chemically stable, BPA-free material. Thoroughly cleaning the pots prior to every use is strongly recommended.

Could I use Grassroots pots with an outdoor water reclaiming system?

Yes, by setting our fabric pots directly on your water barrier, water reclamation is a definite possibility.

Grassroots Fabric Pots, the Company

Are Grassroots Fabric Pots truly manufactured in the USA?

Absolutely. We purchase our material and thread from a manufacturer in the state of Georgia, and we sew them all in our factory in Northern California.

Where else can I buy your pots?

No where! We cut out the middle man and pass the savings to you. We do not plan on any wholesaling or distributing at this time.

Can I sell your pots?

Thanks for your interest, but we are not planning on wholesaling or distributing at this time.

What is your return policy and warranty?

We are happy to offer you a 21 day satisfaction guarantee, and we will accept the return of unused product back for a refund during that time. There will be a 10% restocking fee charged at the time of return, and the customer will be responsible for shipping costs to return the items. We are unable to refund any shipping costs for returns as we offer a discounted shipping price up front.
We are also happy to provide you with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty. If you find any defects with your pots, contact us, and we will make it right. We will either refund or replace your defective product up to the value of your original purchase, and we will cover the shipping costs for a defective return.
Our custom orders have different rules. Read more in our Terms and Conditions.

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