Tricks to grow with aloe vera

Aloe vera is awesome! Besides being a succulent, it contains a nearly magical goo full of helpful enzymes that helps plants grow faster and stronger. Cloning The gel found inside the aloe vera plant can be used as an organic and all natural cloning gel. Just rip off a piece of the aloe vera and use that goo! Seed Germination These enzymes also work great for seed germination! Plant some goo with your seeds and watch them grow faster and stronger. Add to Water for Vigorous Root Growth You can always mix some aloe vera goo into your water for awesome results on your root systems! If you plan on growing aloe vera, be careful not to over water. It’s easy to drown a succulent! This is why growing in a fabric pot helps make growing aloe vera easy. Fabric pots drain quickly and lower your risk of over-watering! Visit our shop ->

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